60+ Excellent Ideas And Examples Of Saas Startups For 2023

Starting your personal business isn’t as easy as you may suppose, in particular in terms of the SaaS sphere. Building a startup from the floor is pretty difficult. But in case you are an bold entrepreneur, these barriers gained’t discourage you.

You would possibly have noticed that SaaS has been topping the lists of the satisfactory enterprise models for several years now. That’s why SaaS startups are at the pinnacle of fulfillment. This version has been followed with the aid of big companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Adobe, and small businesses alike. In this submit, we can share our reports of making SaaS commercial enterprise, and analyze SaaS product thoughts based on the present successful services.

What is SaaS?

Before we move directly to discussing the only enterprise thoughts, we have to clarify the basics. Software-as-a-Service commercial enterprise hosts a platform on line and affords customers with get right of entry to to its capability, technical help, and further services on a subscription foundation. Users normally get admission to the software remotely.

The software isn’t just a product in this situation – the organisation takes long-term duty for maintaining databases, servers, and further software that allow the capability to run smoothly over time, imparting non-stop services to subscribed individuals.

The charge of the subscription and the offer information vary relying on the variety of users that have get entry to to a profile (single versus crew plans), SaaS customer service info, the amount of saved facts, or availability of additional offerings.

Overview of the fine SaaS startup thoughts in 2023

Software as a Service more often than not works within the B2B domain, connecting commercial enterprise owners to useful gear that assist them enhance their performance. However, some merchandise are orientated on business-to-client (B2C) niches, despite the fact that those are uncommon events.

However, in case you lack suggestion and don’t have any slightest concept of how to begin, have a look at our guidelines. They would possibly help you find motivation.

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Property management platform

The real estate business has masses of issues to be considered. So the improvement of a worth property control SaaS platform is probably a fantastic idea. You can expand a multi-featured platform, in order to be focused on constructing lease files, gathering hire, managing a portfolio, person administration, and so forth.

High-first-class CRM device

Customer courting control software program is a famous tool present day corporations can’t do with out. Its key venture is to unite special departments of the same corporation in a single gadget and increase the overall performance. Such internet tools help arrange your notes, metrics, and other sports in a single system.

The majority of great gear are hosted within the cloud. Regardless of the reality that the cutting-edge marketplace is overloaded with such answers, it’d be a top notch concept in your business. There are masses of alternatives, however it is challenging to find the proper one. You can analyze the existing tools, weigh their professionals and cons, and broaden your very own product.

Accounts receivable automation

Dealing with loads of economic reviews is a time-sapping undertaking. Some team members want to touch all the providers to test the charge statuses. To enhance their productivity, you may create a SaaS platform, permitting companies to upload reviews within a couple of minutes.

Such monetary gear are in demand today, so it is one of the best SaaS enterprise ideas, which will truely help your customers be extra powerful!

SaaS training guides

Business proprietors understand that their personnel want to be aware about the latest tendencies. If you are a professional in the cloud computing area, you could broaden your platform that can be used to educate personnel. The SaaS area is just too huge. So you can slender down the subject and create your personal courses for employees. To promote such courses, you may contact special corporations operating in this sphere and provide your services.

Sales tracking app

Sales tracking is a compulsory challenge for any company that deals with sales on an ongoing foundation. It is quite cumbersome to do that manually. If you are an expert on this location, you may broaden a income monitoring app. It will help customers automate a variety of procedures and sales duties.

Also, it is going to be excellent in case your app can provide a set of reporting alternatives. It is tough to find a sales tracking app so one can flawlessly meet the wishes of a sales team. To create the pleasant tool, you can examine the market, examine the nice apps, and provide your personal, best answer!

SaaS blog

Blogging is not handiest a hobby; it is a good supply of profits nowadays. If you are a professional on this area of interest and want to proportion your revel in with others, you can start your personal blog about SaaS. You can cowl lots of topics on your blog, starting from organization technology to software program development to artificial intelligence. Doing so, you’ll keep your readers knowledgeable about the contemporary tendencies on this area.

If your weblog is exciting, you have chances to set up your self as an expert on this field. After that, you could make cash through either Google AdSense or advertisement of other services on your weblog.

It is secure to say that contemporary advertising and marketing is impossible without social networking web sites. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook are outstanding advertising and marketing gear that permit commercial enterprise proprietors to attain their clients faster. However, they need to reveal the content material a good way to apprehend what posts carry out properly. So, you could create a carrier as a way to help accumulate some of these insights and show the statistics over all systems.

Payment gateway

When analyzing all SaaS product thoughts, we couldn’t miss this one. This business niche is at the top of achievement today. It isn’t overloaded with solutions. If you are an professional in this subject, you can develop a standard price gadget that may help quite a few price techniques (credit/debit cards, financial institution transfers, cell carrier billings, etc.) If your new venture can assist companies resolve some of economic problems, it turns into worthwhile.

Competitive blessings of SaaS ideas

  • Cost-performance: SaaS organizations work on a subscription foundation, which facilitates to reduce the quantity of investments at the early tiers. Later on, business proprietors generally tend to pay extra than they would’ve with installable software, but however, they are able to cancel subscriptions anytime;
  • Simple updates: the provider is up to date routinely by provider’s teams – users don’t need to install new versions manually;
  • Mobility: as long as a person has get entry to to the account, the profile may be accessed every time and with any device – all information is saved inside the cloud;
  • Continuous tech assist: SaaS offerings have dedicated assist teams that cope with technical troubles, safety threats, and solution questions.

SaaS enterprise ideas appeal to users with their flexibility. Unlike a one-time purchase, the costs are spread thru longer intervals, permitting users to test out the service before deciding to buy its complete fee. Also, users can choose plans of different complexity, determining how a whole lot functionality they want with out overcomplicating the interface.

Risks of SaaS commercial enterprise fashions

  • Pricing: customers danger their money by opting for a subscription that could take a while to get canceled. Business owners, alternatively, want to spend money on persuading customers to hold using the tools – even a small technical issue can compel users to cancel their plans;
  • Increased risks: if the server faces a technical difficulty or a security assault, it’s going to compromise all energetic users of the platform. The fee of an mistakes is distinctly excessive;
  • Safety: SaaS companies need to find an green way of securing their customers’ information even as permitting bendy far flung get admission to to the provider from any device;
  • Trust building: the company wishes to prove to customers their lengthy-time period reliability, mainly if the organisation is worried in key enterprise methods. Business owners want to recognize that a trusted supplier will not near, leaving their pastimes in the back of.

Types of SaaS corporations: startup businesses ideas

Statistics show that the global value of the SaaS industry will amount to 55 billion dollars in 2026. Software-as-a-Service enterprise models evolved into diverse sorts and entered many niches. Let’s check the main methods to apply SaaS scalable business thoughts to real organizations.

Platform as a Service

Also known as PaaS, this business version is based on a cloud provider in which vendors create the environment for internet and cell improvement. The employer takes complete duty for infrastructure, statistics servers, laptop networks, safety. Providers, consequently, need to be equipped with powerful hardware, in view that they will be those accommodating the backend operations of all their customers.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Apache Stratos

PaaS permits commercial enterprise proprietors to expand web sites, cellular apps, and online stores fast, take a look at their solutions on special OS, and work with many improvement languages in a unmarried environment. The relationships with customers are typically very long-term – a unmarried patron can use the service for five-10 years, as long as the net enterprise is energetic – so even some clients can deliver in big profits.

SaaS startups

Such startups offer B2B structures that deal with a selected component of enterprise owners’ sports. Unlike PaaS, they strive to provide a provider, now not development infrastructure. On such startups, commercial enterprise owners can automate positive business processes (advertising, sales, e mail advertising and marketing), create documentation, manipulate current facts, and collaborate with teams.


  • Salesforce
  • Customer Labs
  • Financial Services Cloud

The next development vector for SaaS startups is inter-connection. In some years, groups are probably to be incorporated – customers will freely switch statistics from multiple SaaS, creating a conventional running environment.

SaaS CRM startups

CRM systems have been available on a subscription foundation for quite a while. According to Gartner, SaaS spending money owed for about seventy five% of the overall CRM market. Subscription-based totally platforms attraction to customers with their low-risk guidelines, brief deployment alternatives, availability, and mobility. All information on purchaser members of the family, income, advertising and marketing is saved on the Cloud server and can be accessed anytime and from any tool.


  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho

CRM SaaS business ordinarily goals small groups – their confined capability can’t supply the wishes of large organizations – however there are premium plans for larger groups as properly. In the destiny, big groups will probable switch to subscription-based totally CRM solutions, too – it’s the most outstanding solution on the market right now.

Micro-SaaS startup

SaaS business model’s major benefit is a low entrance barrier. Small groups, consisting of 1 or contributors, can build, set up, and sell a micro-SaaS platform, and create a first rate sales flow.


  • Grammarly
  • TamperMonkey
  • Mailtrack

Micro-SaaS structures are merchandise that cover a totally slender niche, letting them perform a very precise task – e mail marketing optimization, key-word evaluation for SEO, and so forth. Sometimes, they’re to be had on the internet site or may be downloaded as accessories to existing larger SaaS. One of the common software startup ideas is a browser extension – the mini-solution is included directly into the browser’s functionality.

Artificial Intelligence – primarily based services

The majority of SaaS solutions are targeted on automation, allowing customers to outsource manual work to algorithms. AI lets in permitting green automation, letting customers make the most out in their time. Incorporating system learning into SaaS became so famous that it shaped into an established industry – Machine Learning as a Service – that is predicted to be well worth 20.8 billion greenbacks through 2025.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Watson
  • Google Cloud

AI can help with processing big amounts of facts, mimicking human conduct (helpful in advertising and sales), personalizing gives, and securing operations. MLaaS may be integrated into customer support equipment, chatbots, advertising and marketing platforms, sales answers, and popularity structures. Any niche that could gain from automation will even benefit from operating with Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain as a carrier

Blockchain, a generation in the back of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and clever contracts, is a machine in which the statistics on a transaction, made in virtual foreign money, is saved amongst several gadgets in a peer-to-peer community. It’s a decentralized technology – in preference to saving all the data on a unmarried server, the information is distributed amongst masses or heaps of gadgets.


  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

Blockchain as a provider groups recognition on imparting blockchain infrastructure to other customers and businesses. Business proprietors don’t ought to create a custom network – they can use the issuer’s blockchain and computing energy to make crypto transactions, store records at the blockchain, and create clever contracts.

Best Software-as-a-Service ideas from modern SaaS merchandise

Before you start conceptualizing your very own SaaS concept, we propose getting to know the market of current solutions. We analyzed existing startups and assignment fund information to get you the listing of the maximum profitable SaaS ideas available on the market – test their positioning and execution.


A collaboration and project control platform that allows marketing and blogging professionals to devise their content, hold editorial calendars, preserve in touch with members, and carry out e-mail outreach.

The startup is especially utilized by advertising and marketing groups and character specialists who either control small groups or are self-hired. It’s additionally used by enterprise owners who don’t have advertising enjoy – the device works thru best practices and presents insights.


A feedback management device for small and medium businesses that lets in amassing, handling, and storing purchaser comments. The tool is connected to the content material on the website – as soon as you get a comment or a request via a contact shape, it’s automatically despatched on your commercial enterprise Slack chat, email address, or Skype.

The device lets in immediately contacting the customers who left feedback, receive updates on requested enhancements, and ship follow-ups. It’s included with Zapier – a famous platform for paintings automation.


A product management tool for software builders and testers wherein they could keep the comments, request feature improvements, monitor the project progress and manipulate cutting-edge goals.

The product is integrated with customer service software program – builders can song function requests which might be coming immediately from users – and collaboration structures, along with Slack or Skype.


It’s an analytics solution in which users can acquire statistics from a couple of analytics systems and communication channels (Google Analytics, electronic mail, messengers) and ship them to specialized gear. It’s that interconnectivity trend that we previously mentioned – the SaaS gear gained’t be reduce-off from the general software environment, however facilitate inter-platform navigation.

The provider helps famous analytics, automation, marketing, and e-trade systems – HubSpot, SalesForce, Google Analytics, etc.


It’s a cooperative surroundings that unites all assignment lists, to-dos, and notes into a single garage. It’s snug for collaborators who work with more than one groups simultaneously and use one of a kind gear within the system. This solution collects all of the statistics, making planning easier for small teams and self-hired people.

The device works as an internet utility or an iOS cellular client – the records is stored inside the cloud. The tool is included with famous tools – Trello, Slack, Basecamp, WordPress, Google Drive, and so forth. The audience of the organization are corporations and people that work in rather technological fields, like software program improvement or digital advertising, and use more than one gear each day.


It’s a fintech software that connects users to their financial institution bills, permitting seamless management of monetary information, transactions, and export of fee details. The answer goals groups that perform multiple billing transfers day by day with one of a kind banks, which include worldwide transactions.

The important functions are possession verification, fraud detection, billing automation, and economic facts management. All facts may be without difficulty exported or transferred to linked answers.


A blockchain solution that allows agencies to combine their answers to current blockchain networks. As a result, online groups can take delivery of transactions in cryptocurrencies and depend on decentralized statistics garage presented by crypto networks.

The essential software program functions are on hand immutable ledger, to be had permissionless network, and stable crypto transactions.


Prismic is a content control system that lets in building easy product pages and blogs. The platform is focused specifically on the content-heavy internet site, imparting readable templates to bloggers and enterprise owners.

Similarly to Wix, Prismic has a custom web site builder and pre-made templates for web sites. Additionally, it has a rich content-control admin panel with management, scheduling functions, web page format editor, and full analytics.


This software lets in commercial enterprise proprietors to create dynamic tutorials on their websites and online applications. A consumer has to register an account, pick a manual template, upload custom content material, and trade the layout, if necessary.

All this functionality is delivered through a easy drag-and-click on editor, with Canva-like capability and look.


An online testing application that connects enterprise owners to far off testers all around the world. It’s now not only a trying out surroundings, enabled thru personalized software program – however a marketplace, in which testers offer their outsourcing offerings to business proprietors.

UserTesting allows textual content and voice communique with testers, in addition to live audio and video streams. Business proprietors can manage the testing development in actual-time and obtain certain reviews on their QA sports.


It’s a Slack bot that manages the agenda of institution individuals, which are positioned in exceptional time zones. The application automates the employer of standup conferences – it routinely synchronizes every participants’ time table and creates a unmarried occasion that’s snug for every member to attend.

Additionally, the tool can be incorporated with Google Analytics, Slack, and internet site’s databases. Standuply has templates for schedules and remarks paperwork – users can use the device right now after the signal-up.


A media tracking platform wherein brands and people can track their mentions on social media, or within the press, and get set off user comments. Similarly, agencies can display the mentions in their competitors and get informed public members of the family insights.

Additionally, Mention offers business owners with the list of nearby influencers and those who are specialists in the brand’s niche. This mini-device is similar to Google Alerts, however its functionality is expended to fit PR needs.


Typeform is a custom form-creating answer that can be included into the website. Business proprietors could make fun forms that are intuitive and clean to fill in. The answer targets e-commerce manufacturers, B2C agencies, and any agencies that ought to cope with everyday patron feedback.


An interactive device that lets in organizing facts from text documents, spreadsheets, and on-line databases into intuitive visuals. The facts may be exported from CVS, XLS, DOC, and other formats, and included with WordPress, Amazon Redshift, AWS, and different tools.


A Facebook advertising tool that lets in defining a particular target market for Facebook promotions. The device tracks users’ conduct with the advertisements and segments them in agencies based totally on the interactions with the advert. The app also assists in retargeting, developing custom audiences from Facebook profiles, and e mail addresses of the involved audience.


It’s a media-sharing software that lets in recording pix and movies and sharing them with colleagues. The device helps GIFs creation, publications users each step fo the procedure, and features a wealthy template library.


A B2B video-conferencing tool for commercial enterprise collaboration, meetings, webinars, meetings, and standups. The platform supports video recording, ordinary messenger, document transfer, and real-time chat.

Zoom has a web version, together with computing device and cellular applications. All the private statistics is saved at the Cloud – simply by logging into an account, site visitors access all chats, contacts, and recorded motion pictures. Also, all despatched facts is effortlessly sponsored up on line.


A agenda management tool for organizing calls, conferences, and conferences with collaborators, clients, income prospects, or potential hires. The device is connected to Google Planner and Outlook, and it also supports custom planners on cell gadgets. The utility will mechanically join statistics from these calendars to the equipment and prepare a customized agenda.


What is Micro SaaS?

Micro SaaS is a software program-as-a-carrier employer this is created and managed via a small group of one-3 people. The product is developed for a small finances and is characterised by way of its slender consciousness, dedicated users, and no extra investment. These businesses clear up a selected B2B trouble, and the products are regularly included into other, larger tools.

What is the B2B SaaS product?

It’s subscription-based software program, oriented in the direction of enterprise proprietors, generally of small and medium companies. B2B SaaS merchandise permit business proprietors to clear up a specific enterprise trouble, offer infrastructure for performing technical obligations, lay the inspiration for automation, and facilitate put in force innovations to corporations.

How do I create a startup idea?

The first step to executing startup ideas in 2023 is to check the concept of the product and commercial enterprise version through constructing an MVP. MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product – the minimalistic version of the services that exhibit its important layout and functionality. Teams need initially prototypes earlier than building the entire model of the carrier – this cut-down version can be examined on real customers and presented to stakeholders.

The technique begins with creating a low-fidelity prototype – a rough caricature and description of the service capability, that is later used to construct a excessive-constancy prototype – a limited model of the actual product, that can be “skilled’ by means of real customers.

What is a SaaS business model?

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service – it’s a software commercial enterprise version wherein the carrier issuer tech services on a subscription basis. SaaS services generally offer the infrastructure for tech-associated initiatives, help with automation, safety, and information storage, the use of Cloud storage for faraway records get entry to.

What are the blessings of SaaS?

SaaS offers multiple blessings each to provider carriers and give up-customers – allow’s take a look at them in short. Service carriers could make a small device for an extremely low finances, and promote it to slender target audiences – there’s no need for massive budgets and global investments. Even 50 dedicated customers can already power enough profit. Such software is scalable due to the fact founders can continuously attract new customers with out losing the old ones.

Business owners who use the SaaS, benefit from its simplicity and accessibility. All technical problems are controlled by the 1/3-birthday party, with a view to cognizance on crucial responsibilities. The utility doesn’t must be mounted or updated – all patches are introduced automatically. The answer can be accessed from any tool and everywhere – the facts is stored on reachable cloud servers.


SaaS companies are speedy-growing even with minimum investments: in keeping with facts from Insight Squared, an average prominent SaaS with fulfillment startup ideas has a growth ratio of 3.9 to 1 – for one invested greenback, commercial enterprise proprietors get approximately four greenbacks of go back.

According to BetterCloud studies, 86% of end-users of SaaS applications found them to be greater useful than computing device apps. Perhaps, that’s the purpose why it’s probable that almost all apps turns into SaaS within the destiny – therefore, business owners ought to get on board introducing SaaS to their niche earlier than competition. Contact us to create a best product that meets call for.